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With The Feel Good Company…. You’re in Good Hands

You can feel confident and secure that with The Feel Good
Company, you’re be in good hands! Our #1 priority is the safety of our mamas and
their babies, we strive to make sure that it remains a top goal with every client,
taking every precaution that we possibly can to ensure that every one stays
happy and ultimately healthy with our service. We assure our current and
potential clientele that we uphold the highest standard of sanitation and in
addition we gather as much information from each client about their health and

Placenta bars at WHOLE FOODS!

That's correct, you heard it right! You can now get a dose of placenta power with these EPIC placenta bars....

Check this link out!

We will say this though, it's outstanding how far placenta power has come over the past decade. The fact that it is more and more in the mainstream of pop culture is great news.

The Feel Good Company Placenta Encapsulation had a good chuckle or two in regards to this promo spoof and we hope that you enjoy as well!

A documentary about placenta consumption is coming to fruition…. "American Afterbirth: A film about an incredible edible organ”!

Recently, I came across some very cool information about a project that is being spearheaded by Eddie Lim (A Los Angeles food blogger/Chef) and it’s all about Placenta Power! Oh, how exciting this is going to be (seriously, The Feel Good Company is jumping for joy). This film looks to breakthrough the scene with a great story and insight of the Placenta arts/Placentophagy phenomenon. 

People want to help you…so let them!

There are very few times in your life that people will want to genuinely help you out, and having a baby is one of those let them. Friends and family will want to come over to visit with you and see your baby, what wrong with putting them to work or asking them to bring some food over. This is a time where you need to rest, relax and recover, so if some one offers you help…take it!

It’s never too late….save your placenta!

I want to tell you a little story. Last week I received a call from a mom,

The mama: “Hi! I’m interested in having my placenta encapsulated”

Me: “Wonderful, when is your due date?”

The mama: “I had my baby a week ago”

Me: “ Exactly how many days has it been and how has the placenta been store”

I want sushi!!!...but my doctor says NO

For those of you that don’t know me, I’m a vegetarian so I don’t eat meat or fish, but even when I was a meat eater I didn’t eat fish so I had never tried sushi. That was until a few year back when my partner was working at a vegan fine dinning restaurant and he brought home vegan sushi and I was hooked! That vegan sushi I had tasted along with a friend teaching me how to roll sushi was what got me started experimenting with making my own vegan sushi. So this is for all you pregnant ladies out there that are craving sushi but don’t want to take the risk eating the real thing.

You’re Hemorrhaging!....Start Pitocin Stat!

Hemorrhage (as defined in the Webster Dictionary Medical): to bleed in a very fast and uncontrolled way.

Pitocin is the synthetic form of oxytocin. Pitocin is generally used in two ways: 1) to induce labor, and 2) to augment (speed up) labor. It is also give to stop hemorrhaging.

Is it the best time of your life? To tell or not to tell…that is the question

Have you ever felt like running up and down the street screaming that it’s not easy being a parent? How about when you see a pregnant woman, do you share your unhappy moments of parenting with her?

Intro: Who I am and What this blog will be about

Hi I’m Val and I’m owner and placenta encapsulator of The Feel Good Company Placenta Encapsulation. Besides being a placenta encapsulator and a mom, I’m an artist. I love working with my hands and creating. Really this is the cord of my being. Ever since I can remember I’ve always loved working with my hand and making or building things. When I was a kid I’d take my toys apart just to put them back together and I loved doing arts & crafts. I was always outside build stuff and getting dirty.