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What is Included

A placenta print, umbilical cord keepsake in the shape of a heart, a complementary 2oz bottle of tincture and your capsules (75-200+) encapsulated per your choice.

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Raw Method of Encapsulation

There is no cooking or stemming of placenta prior to dehydration. Placenta is put into the dehydrator raw and dehydrated at 165 degrees.

Steamed Method of Encapsulation (also known as TCM Method)

Placenta is steamed prior to dehydration, depending on the thickness of the placenta, it will steam for 10-20 minutes and then dehydrated at 165 degrees.


Made with baby’s umbilical cord! Choose 3 color for the beads and we’ll also add a bead with baby’s first name initial.


This allows you to preserve placenta for the longevity! If placenta is on the smaller side, this extends it for longer use as it has the same properties as placenta capsules do, it’s a liquid instead of in powder form. It can be saved for many years to support during menopause.


Is for topical use. It can be used for cracked and sore nipples, if a tear occurs or an episiotomy is done, it can help expedite the healing process. The salve can be used for anything skin related. All organic ingredients and includes your powdered placenta.

Breast Milk Salve

No placenta in here! Instead, your breast milk.

Available Nationwide!

Raw Placenta Smoothie

Is made bedside, when placenta is picked up, with the fruit of your choice. It replenishes, nourishes and provides a boost of energy right after giving birth.

Raw Placenta Ice Cube

An ice cube is made with raw placenta, frozen and vacuumed sealed. It can be kept in the freezer until you’re ready to make a smoothie just add fruit.

Flavored Capsules

Add flavor and color to your encapsulation! We currently have strawberry flavored capsules.

Baby Moon or

Family Vacation Destination

Big Bear Lake, CA

The Cuddly Bear Cabin


I’m on Cloud 9. . . .

The Feel Good

Postpartum Bundle

Not into placenta encapsulation or simply looking for additional support and comfort, this bundle provides a comprehensive range of items and products to help you feel good during this significant postpartum period.

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Service & Product FAQ's

What does the package include?

A prenatal consultation, placenta pick up at the hospital, birth center or your home, a placenta print, cord keepsake, your placenta pills, placenta delivery to the hospital or your home, 2 phone call check ins and a Life time of support. If you have any questions or concerns you can call any time. I know what it’s like to be a new mom, so if you ever need someone to talk to…I’m here for you!

What is the salve?
Salve or balm is made with placenta and many herbs and oils providing healing to a c-section scar, hemorrhoids, perineal tearing, cracked or blistered nipples, eczema, sun burn, diaper rash, skin irritation and more. Salve is a super healing, natural triple antibiotic ointment!
What is tincture?
Tincture is a fermentation process, by putting a piece of placenta in greater than 100 proof alcohol and let to ferment for up to 6months the placenta becomes a part of the alcohol. This process allows preservation of the placenta so that it can be used for menopause, any hormonal transitions and for girls menstrual cycle.
What is the RAW placenta smoothie pack and what are its benefits?
A RAW placenta smoothie is a small piece of your raw placenta with your choice of organic fruits vacuumed sac. When you are ready to make a smoothie you put placenta and fruit into the blender and BAM!!!….you got a smoothie. This will provide you with a turbo boost of energy along with all the placenta benefits.
How many capsules does an average placenta yeild?
A placenta can yield 75-200 capsules….this depends on the size of your placenta and whether the amniotic sac is included. On average, a regular size placenta yields 150 capsules.
How long will I have to wait for my placenta to be returned to me?
I will have your placenta back to you within 24-48 hours once it’s in my possession. Since I exclusively dedicate myself to encapsulating placenta, this allows me to return it back to you very quickly. My mission as being your placenta encapsulator is for baby blue nor postpartum depression to be a factor in your postpartum recovery. I want you feeling good as soon as possible.
Do you offer other placenta services?
Yes!…..You can request tincture, salves/balm/ointment, placenta smoothie/smoothie packs/raw placenta packs, and we make dream catchers out of your baby’s umbilical cord.
How can I get started?
First step is to set up our prenatal consultation, to do so please call, text or email. Please visit our contact us page
Do you offer gift certificates?
Yes we do!……because they always make a great baby shower gift.